Name Card Design

Name card or Business card are the cards that are extensively used marketing means which grants the much needed boost for any business to represent them and make a huge impact on the rising competition in business today. Name cards are the frontline appearance of your business and since most of the public would judge a business by their image so it is crucial that your business card or name card depict the expertise and the creativity so you can enforce the potential customer attention and concern in you and your business. We provide the name card priniting services for business in Singapore where you can print a nice big collection of vivid view cards.

Name card or business card is important where a spurt of cards gets swapped in every meetings and events. As the name card is a straightforward image of your business so the namecard should tell the company’s or personal story to public. Name card should be of the standard size (3.5? x 2? or 90mm*55mm) as they need to apt in wallet or a pocket of a person. The name card or business card basically must have key information such as: name, contact number, address, company logo .

Name card are designed through the certain steps involved in it the first one is the creative design, the second the color selection and combination and at last the die cuts. While designing the name card the creativity is the primary things as the name card can represent your business and the story of your business the ones can be creative by designing your name card as like your business background. If you are an interior designer you can design your name card as a blueprint at the back. The creativeness in the design of your name card refelects the professionalism and the expertise in your related business and make a huge impact on the public and to the person the card has been exchanged. Secondly the selection of the colour make a huge difference in your name card as the strong selection of the colour engage the more audience’s scrunity. When you play with the color it brings the life to the name card and reflects your professionalism in your business card. Die cut is the cutting of papers into the clear-cut shapes. The ones can give the amazing look to your name by the die cuts in various shapes so by looking at the name card itself the public may remember your business as the name card is one of the important and basic tools of marketing of your business.The materials used in name card printing also plays the vital role in the quality of the name cards.

Professional Looking Name Card does have good score for your business presence so we assist you with your all the name card urgency with the colour printing of combination of some colors or full colour digitally printed cards. We also offer the various special finishing effects to boost up your name cards such as stamipng,embossing, matt or gloss coating and many more.We also provide the best quality name card designing and printing work at a cheap price in all over Singapore.Aulez offers the splendid work with 100% customer satisfaction and with reliability, on time service and with great devotion in our work .


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